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    I am doing it right now. In NC, you receive a 12% pay increase upon successful completion. Each of the 4 components costs $500, but in NC (I'm sure the same is true elsewhere), your district can secure a small-interest loan, the payments of which can be deducted from your paycheck after the program is complete. I have just completed component 3, the video-taping, and I will say the directions/instructions are all over the place (difficult to find) and then once you find them they are extremely specific--make sure you read through them carefully and double check to be sure you did things correctly.
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    I have been certified since 1999. I recertified once. I have graded six out of the last ten years. I believe that NBPT gave me a voice. I was the type that disagreed with teachers, but because I was not sure of myself I kept quiet. Now I have faith in my teaching. My state use to lead the way in recognizing NBPTs, but not anymore. If you are a member of NEA, you can get a low cost loan to help pay the fees. Oklahoma offers a few scholarships to pay for it.
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