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Discussion in 'P.E. Teachers' started by Jennifer West, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Nov 14, 2017
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    Nov 14, 2017

    I am about to start my student teaching and I my biggest worry is learning the names of my students. I have really struggled learning the names of the students in my pre-teaching middle school classroom. In this experience I am only working with about half the students that my CT works with throughout her day. Each class has between 40-72 students and those students are on an A/B schedule, so we only see them every other day. Can anyone give me some advice or techniques you have used to successfully help you?
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    Nov 14, 2017

    When I'm learning the kids' names (in my much, much smaller class that I have all the time), I do my best to learn the ones I think I'll be able to remember the quickest (perhaps those that "stand out") right away, and then go from there.

    Another key piece I've found is that if you actively use their name and have a meaningful discussion with them, you'll be more likely to remember their name. During our meet / greet of the students, I had a brief discussion with a student who really loved horses, and how they were new...having that conversation made me connect the face to the name as I repeated the name a few times (casually in conversation), and I knew it the first day, despite having met/talked to the student for only about 60 seconds.
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    Nov 14, 2017

    The only way I really start to learn names is by giving back the papers. For some reason, I associate the name with the writing and quality of work, and it makes me remember the student more. I guess this couldn't really help with PE.

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