Missing my PE class is continually used as punishment.

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by PEteacher07, Nov 15, 2017.

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    Nov 15, 2017

    My administration's way of giving kids consequences this year for poor behavior is to keep them out of P.E. It doesn't matter that it happened during cafeteria time, recess, in the classroom, intervention, WHEREVER. Not coming to my class is the consequence or part of it.

    Their Side:
    1. The minimum amount of minutes for PE in Texas is 135 minutes per week which equates to 3- 45 minute class periods. My students come to PE everyday for 45 minutes so they are getting 90 minutes more per week than the state mandates.

    2. PE is a subject that most kids like. They get to move around, hang out with their classmates from other classes, etc. So missing out on something they like is appropriate.

    My Side:
    1.Kids are already pulled out of my class. Speech/OT kids are pulled from my class. Kids who were absent the day before who need to do makeup work are pulled from my class. I am understanding. Missing my class it is a way for our students need to be met without missing math, ELAR, science, etc. They don't go to art or music nearly as often as my class therefore it makes sense to pull from my class.

    2. They are calling this punishment "non-academic ISS." The kid will miss specials, PE, eat in office, and no recess. Our school district enacted a new policy this stating the teachers are NOT allowed take recess away as a punishment or to do work. During the campus level PBIS meetings, our administrators have told our teachers they are not allowed to take away recess. Yet, our administrators are taking away recess as punishment when a child is given an office referral.

    I think a consequence should be associated with something that the kid doesn't really want to happen again and relatable to the incident. Missing my class for one day...that big of a deal? Please.

    3. I feel a child should miss my class if they are suspended (obviously,) as a punishment if the incident happened in PE, or if the child has shown to be dangerous to themselves or others. A kid who is poorly behaved needs gym time even if it makes my life harder.

    I also have mentioned MULTIPLE times that lunch detention could work because kids value the social time of lunch (and PE) but lunch is 100% nonacademic. Staring at a wall during lunch for a week would not be a fun experience I think.
    We had 2 separate incidences of kids bringing pocket knives to school this year. None of these incidents came to light in my class. Their punishment? One child received partial day of ISS and the other did the handy dandy non-academic ISS. They should have been suspended from school because they brought weapons.

    Two boys got in a fight during recess last month which is monitored by the teachers. Their punishment was to miss PE and recess. Very appropriate to miss my class because it was a physical altercation and it could have continued to escalate if the boys came. Missing recess is a violation of the district policy.

    A child stole an expensive piece of equipment from school valued at 100 dollars. He was suspended from school for the day. I was shocked and pleased that he was suspended.

    A child broke another child's watch which didn't happen in my class. The child will help to pay for the repair/replacement of the watch and missed PE for a day. (This happened today which is why I am reaching out for advice/ideas.)

    What kind of discipline do you have your school that is effective, because we are lacking and have been lacking for years.
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    If you are responsible for assessing and grading students, I would ask your principal how these removals from your class should be accounted for when it's report card time. It's REALLY unfair to you as a teacher.
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    I agree with penalties for infractions; this is a normal part of society. I don't agree with missing a class as a penalty. The idea isn't to find a way to torture kids and hopefully force them to behave. This is elementary age for crying aloud! A simple 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes of missing a fun activity should be sufficient. I'd prefer the 5 minutes off recess, but that's not allowed in your school system. Frankly, if I might place a guess, the school's current penalty system isn't working. I'll bet the same kids keep getting into trouble and it sounds like severe incidents, from your description, are the norm.

    Penalties (and rewards) in and of themselves do not alter a child's behavior. Children, last time I checked, are children: they are still learning how to behave, therefore, they need to be taught. More effective than suspension from P.E. is constructive discipline. By discipline, I'm not referring to punishment but to the 3rd definition in my dictionary, "training that corrects, molds, or perfects". Talking with a student, especially listening to the student, asking the student how s/he feels and especially how the other person might feel is more effective than slapping down a suspension from P.E. And so the other side will argue, "Yeah, but these kids are ADHD." Aside from the fact that ADHD does not mean Acting Defiantly and Hardly Deterred, the best medicine in the world for ADHD is physical activity! And for any student who needs to learn to behave, for any learning at all, the best brain stimulant for learning is physical activity! The other side will argue, "Yeah, but the problem with kids these days is they just don't have empathy." OK, then let's teach them empathy, and where is a great place to learn teamwork and respect for the participation of others? Need I even write it? P.E.!
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    If it got me out of PE, that might have encouraged me to act up as a student ;)
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    Nov 15, 2017

    I used to get in just enough trouble to miss recess, but not enough to call my mom or go to the office.
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    You are probably not going to get through to your admin or higher up's about the policy. What may end up helping is getting the parents involved - without making it so obvious of what you're doing. If you are noticing that one student is consistently missing PE - maybe for a pull out like speech and for behavioral reasons, call the parent and let them know that so-and-so has recently missed x periods of PE and your concerned about their progress/how they can make up what has been missed. Maybe that will attract the attention of parents - who have a stronger say sometimes when it comes to policies like this.

    If you can't change, though, keep sharing with your admin about how this impacts your curriculum, but realize your attention and energy might be better spent else where.

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