Middle school reading/sped?!

Discussion in 'General Education' started by lily1989, Apr 13, 2017.

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    I have an interview after vacation for a middle school special education-reading specialist position. I currently teach grade 2, highest I have taught is grade 4 but I did work as an aide for a year in a high school and tutor students with ASD in middle school.

    Demo lesson ideas? Management strategies for middle schoolers? These are things I need to be prepared to answer. Also, what does middle school reading look like? This is for sped, but I am assuming I will not be doing as much Wilson/phonics and more emphasis on comprehension and ELA, unless I am running guided reading groups?

    I think I would enjoy the older kids with the right management strategies and understanding of the curriculum. Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated as this is clearly a big change from what I am teaching now. :)
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    In middle school the focus is more on fluency and comprehension. Some students still need decoding strategies as well. You will likely be working on some writing too. I teach self contained ELA and have 6-8 grades that function from prek-4/5 grades so I do some Wilson and phonics work because I have a student who is below the beginning reader stage.

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