Maybe This Boy Should Become a Teacher

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by teacherman1, Feb 15, 2013.

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    Feb 15, 2013

    Although Tiger does most of his reading and writing conventionally now, his teacher and I both know he does better inverted. We got him to do so today by having him read Green Eggs and Ham to a Kindergartener.

    By reading from the top he isn't doing anything different than many of us primary teachers taught ourselves to do.

    Maybe this is a practical application of Print Inversion...:)
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    Feb 18, 2013

    I just watched the video. That's quite inspirational. I've found that students with unique learning abilities/needs often enjoy working with younger kids to help them understand. We have a program at my school in which lower achieving intermediate level students visit the primary classes once a week and help out with the students. It's good for their self esteem.

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