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    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to develop a set of questions to ask my math tutees that might help me identify particular areas that they are having problems with in their math classes that may not pertain directly to the math.

    Here are some examples I've come up with:

    What do they feel strong at, and what are their concerns? Do they think they are organized? What kind of organization system do they use? Do they lose homework a lot? How often do they work on homework or practice math? When do they do their math homework and where? What kinds of notes do they take in class? Where do they put notes and homework? Do they use a planner or calendar? Do they feed comfortable talking to their teachers when they need help? Do they feel comfortable raising their hands to answer questions in class?

    Are there any other questions you can think of that I might be able to ask that might be helpful to know?

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