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Discussion in 'Fourth Grade' started by cruiserteacher, Dec 20, 2008.

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    I just finished a lit circle unit on Native Americans with my 4th graders. It went fairly well, much better than with my 5th graders last year, but I think it could still be better. I have decided to "go back to basics" and do what I should've done from the beginning. I am going to have the entire class read James and the Giant Peach and have activities and role sheets just as I would with lit circles, but have everyone do the same activity to get used to the role sheets and understand exactly what they are supposed to do. To differentiate for some of my lower readers, I have ordered the book on tape so they can read along with the story being read aloud. I was just wondering if anyone has any more ideas...either for James and the Giant Peach, or how to make my lit circles better. I also am reading "Practice with Purpose" and was wondering how you implement your reading groups with your workstations, or if you do. TIA!

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