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    Jul 27, 2003

    Hi! I'm a 1st year teacher,(2nd) grade and am at loss as to what to write in a letter to parents on the first day od school. I know what to include, I just have a writers block as to what I want to say and in what order (supplies, a little info about me, what my plans are for the coming year, etc.). Can anyone help? This is a letter for the students to take home after their 1st day of school. I would appreciate any and ALL help. Thanks, Ilene
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    Jul 27, 2003

    I send the following in August to ask parents to write me a letter with their concerns and things they want me to know about their child. I won't see the bulk of my parents until Open House in October, so their letter let's them address any concerns they have. I also make a 'happy call' about each child within the first 3 weeks of school. You could also add a little intro about yourself in your letter if you are new in the school.

    Dear Families,

    I am delighted to welcome your child to ----- grade. I hope you are sharing an enjoyable summer together!

    It is my goal that your child’s ----- grade experience will be filled with personal growth as a thinker and learner. I am looking forward to starting this adventure!

    In order to know your child better and gain insight to help guide my teaching, I am asking for your help. I would like to know your child as a person, learner, and reader. A letter from you to me would help me get a head start in learning about your child. What are your child’s interests? How does your child express himself/herself best—through art, speaking, writing, music, etc.? Are there any special needs or concerns? These are just a few ideas of what your letter to me might include. Please feel free to write anything that you would feel would be important for me to know about your child.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you and also to beginning the year with your child. I also look forward to working with you to support and enrich your child’s academic growth. Please mail your letter to me at the above address or send to school on the first day. Thank you for your time and effort!
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    Jul 27, 2003

    We see parents and students at Back To School Night a few days before school starts. They come just to see the teachers and be all excited about school! They want to see their new classrooms, decorations, friends, etc. We have to send a letter home about a week before that and make a phone call home to personally invite them to Back To School Night.

    The letters are usually welcome letters since most parents will have gotten the supplies list in June or July. Here is a general idea of what I write:

    The school year is about to start and I am very excited that _____ will be in my class. 5th grade is a year full of changes. This is the transition year between elementary and middle school. We will be very busy polishing skills already learned and expanding our horizons throughout the year. If your child is still hesitant about multiplication facts, now would be a good time to help him/her review them.

    Some of the highlights of our curriculum this year will be working with fractions and decimals, participating in literature circles, learning about the birth of our nation, and starting to take notes in class. I will tell you more about the novels we will be reading when I see you at Back To School Night.

    Until then, enjoy the rest of the summer!
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    On the first day of sc chool i sent a long letter home first welfcomig them to first grae etc... i also include all of my policies and proceudres...homework, behavior mangement, snack, etc...parents tend to like this because everyhting is right there for them to referecne!
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    I make up a folder for each child, on one side is a sticker that says "Read, sign, and return" and the other says "Important papers for your records. I use this to send all the beginning of the year paperwork home. I write a letter that introduces myself and explains all the policies of my room (homework, discipline, AR, tests, etc). I try to explain everything I can think of so parents have as much info as they can.
    My letter begins about like this:
    Hello! I am so excited to be your child's teacher in 4th grade this year! We have a great year ahead of us! Fourth grade is a big year in your child's school career, we'll be reviewing a lot, learning even more, and of course having tons of fun along the way!
    I then go into a brief description of myself and then start explaining the procedures. It ends up being a lot of papers to go home, but I think parents like having all the info at their fingertips.
    The important thing is don't re-invent the wheel. Talk to other teachers at your school, ask to see the information they send home, then modify it to fit you.
    Good luck!!

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