Let's talk school shootings

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Caesar753, Jan 23, 2018.

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    Upsadaisy, we had families and kids-some on the field-- from our church at that game last Friday at Central v. Dwyer. Talk about a frightening few minutes! What relief when we were able to confirm that they were all safe. For me, it was heartbreaking to watch one of the local students interviewed on local news. He stated that he thanked God it wasn't one of them and was disgusted that adults would take that shooting action at their game. Truly, it broke my heart that he found comfort that it wasn't a classmate. It says alot about this world. It is my hope that the work we are doing in the classrooms can help kids navigate the rottenness in the world by helping them to cultivate the goodness and kindness in them.
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    I'm so glad that your kids were okay, and that all of them were. How stupid of the adults involved to use that location. (It's just about 2 miles from my house.) Every bit of support that kids can get helps, but I don't even know how they learn any more. It is a frightening world.
    I tutor a student with an online curriculum. She had a friend at Stoneman Douglas school in Parkland who videoed the action during that tragedy. My student also saw a taped interview with the perpetrator done just a short while before the event. Chilling.
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    There has been discrepancy in the news as to the actual number of school shootings based apparently on statistical error or how to define a school shooting. This year, I decided to keep track myself. My time and resources (Google News) are limited, so I might err in underreporting, and this project might become more than my time will allow to continue. I decided to tally both shooting and bombing situations, and record not only actual occurrences but thwarted attacks, threats, and hoaxes as well. I decided on a personal definition of school violence--if it happens at the school, inside, outside, or in an area dedicated to a school event during a time when students and/or teachers are present.

    Beginning Aug. 6, 2018, there have been 33 reported incidents in the news involving 22 juvenile suspects and 2 adult suspects. (Some suspects at the time of the news report had not been found). 16 events involved firearms and 17 events involved bombs. There have been 5 injuries and 2 deaths. 5 shootings actually occurred, and 28 shootings or bombings were thwarted, threatened, or were hoaxes.

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