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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Motivationalwealthyguru, Jul 11, 2017.

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    For me it's searching you-tube, websites, and such especially when I need to differentiate to meet some needs or fulfill an interest.
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    Newbie teacher here. This is very helpful to me. As mentioned before, I will be teaching six preps. So glad I at least have a month to plan. My goal is two weeks planning done for each subject and then adding as muc as I can before start date. I keep trying set deadlines to finish each two week subject but it takes longer. I think right now it is taking me at least six hours to plan two weeks for each grade, but I also plan to go back and refine.
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    I think the hardest part for me is the differentiation/modification portions. When I taught first this pass year I had to write science, math, ss. ela, guided reading, and writing all from "scratch" in a way. It was very hard and I was new to 1st grade. I will say most of the lesson plans did already come with a "plan" but we still were required to type out our own. I had to write of course your typical objectives, cc standards, learning targets. The hardest was the differentiation parts also and preparing the materials for your LP. I felt like I was writing an essay every night.
    When I was taking up my masters courses one professor was teaching for 10 years and he said "I don't lesson plan". Deep inside I was like I wish that was me. :roll:

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