Interview Situation- Would you say something?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by waterfall, Apr 15, 2017.

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    We have an opening on my SPED team and a new P for next year. The new P is in charge of all hiring for next school year. New P wanted to bring someone over from her current school for the position. I suspected before we even conducted interviews that she had basically already made up her mind and would hire this person no matter what, and that's exactly what happened. She didn't even ask my teammates and I what we thought.

    One of the people that interviewed was an internal candidate that's currently a secondary teacher; I'll call her Jane. Jane just finished a dyslexia certification and due to the way they run things in secondary (co-teaching), she can't really apply any of that there. In elementary, we still do small groups and that's what she wants to do. Jane interviewed WAY better than I expected for someone coming from a different background, and would have been my choice had I gotten any say. I thought she answered every question extremely well. The other factor was that our SPED director was also in on the interviews and it's clear she's not too fond of Jane. Jane tends to be more outspoken in district meetings and sometimes questions the director on things. The director totally threw Jane under the bus when we were talking about the candidates. We are a tiny district and everyone within our department knows each other fairly well, even those of us that work in different schools. I will need to work with Jane at least once a month as part of our "job alike" days, and since we're often short on resources/materials the schools are pretty good about sharing amongst each other. I usually get a lot of supplies from Jane each year.

    Part of me wants to tell Jane one or all of the following things, and the other part of me thinks it would be stupid to stir the pot. What do you think?
    1. The new P brought someone over from her old school, so really no one that applied had a chance to begin with.
    2. I would have chosen her if it were up to me.
    3. The director is throwing her under the bus and if she wants an elementary position, she needs to look outside of our district (and not use the director as a reference, obviously).
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    If you feel like you have to say something, tell her you thought she interviewed very well. I wouldn't say anything about if it was up to you, or the P bringing someone over from their school (she'll figure that out on her own). I definitely wouldn't stir the pot with the information about the SPED director.
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    I agree with this, unless Jane is a very, very close friend, like BFF status.
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    Whatever you say, do it carefully. Suggesting openings elsewhere is the most I might do.
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