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    I noticed the other interview questions threads were a bit outdated and I just wanted to post some of my questions in the hopes that maybe you all have some answers to these questions. Perhaps you can get some use from them, too.

    I went on an ESL interview and these were the questions I was asked:

    1. What are your strengths?
    2. Tell me about yourself and your motivation to become a teacher.
    3. Explain how you would get students interested in subjects such as writing or grammar.
    4. Explain how you would help a student who could speak transition into learning to become a strong reader, writer, or listener in English. <-- this is a question I wish I had prepared better
    5. How would you differentiate instruction to support students?
    6. Explain how you would set up structures to collaborate with other co-workers (how would you collaborate with others)?
    7. How would you support students in the mainstream classroom?
    8. What would I see if I walked into your classroom (explain the structure of your lesson)?
    9. Have you administered the NYSITELL and the NYSESLAT exams?
    10. How do you collect data on your students, and how do you use this data to inform your instruction?
    11.Talk about a success story you had with a particularly difficult student (I mentioned my ENL student with special needs that made his speech very difficult to understand).

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