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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Pi-R-Squared, Mar 11, 2018.

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    So far, my 2nd year as a HS math teacher has been much much better than my 1st. It's gone well enough that I am not getting the "you're getting non-renewed" vibes like I did in January of the previous year. The P has asked, "You plan to come back next year?" so that's good. The other math teacher who is also AP told me privately that he's leaving in 3-4 years and that I would have a chance to take his spot (upper-level math) and another teacher told me the same thing. Also, the last few math teacher hires were disasters. Must have had at least 3 who slept with students! I guess I bring a sigh of relief because they know I'm there to teach and not to fraternize!

    With all that being said, does everything above make it sound they want me to stick around for the long haul? I'm not counting chickens and I realize things could change at any moment but the signs look promising. Opinions?
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    Great job! It seems like you finally have the hang of things, which is fantastic. Make sure that you finish the year strong and get that contract! I, myself, have been renewed recently and will be a 5th-year HS math teacher. I’m excited for what the new year brings and my next batch of students.

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