I need more vocabulary homework ideas!

Discussion in 'Secondary Education Archives' started by agsrule!, Oct 6, 2006.

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    I am looking for more ideas for my weekly vocabulary homework. I give the homework on Monday and it is due on Friday. There are 3-4 assignmets, one for each night over the 10 words for the week. In class each Monday, we go over the words, spend time finding the definitions, part of speech, 2 synonyms and antonyms; and then when we read the novel, we copy the sentence from the novel onto our index card for each word. Every two weeks we have a voc. quiz (or game that counts as a quiz, like Bingo, or Basketball, or I have who has).

    The assignments I have given so far are:
    write sentences
    fill-in-the blank sentences (or paragraph)
    draw (or print from computer or cut from magazine) pictures
    match pictures I provided
    split words into syllables
    word search
    crossword puzzle
    scrambled words
    synonym wheels
    change the parts of speech (check spelling)

    I feel like it has become boring; same stuff each week. Anyone have any other ideas for easy homework. I don't want it to be too time consuming, 20 minutes max each night. I am going to try some anagrams next week, and see how that goes. Any suggestions?
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    Write a page paper and challenge them to find current words and circle them. If it is spelled wrong, correct it. If they see past words spelled wrong, correct it, but don't circle it.

    Make their own sentences using their words (5 words min.).

    Have them build a word search to be exchanged with a partner the next day to play.

    Provide short stories then answer vocabulary comprehension questions.

    Have them find the word in the dictionary and write the meaning.

    Have them write interview style questions using their words and ask up to 5 people their questions in class the next day then after you grade it, share some of the answers.

    Tell them to ask 3 people what each of those words means/means to them and write the answers. Share what definition differences and similarities people gave and use a venn diagram.

    Challenge the students to make a game using their words to bring and share with the class (must be durable, legible, and able to keep in the classroom).

    Learn to write mini poems all about their word. Write a small poem for each word (may need 2 nights).

    Do a "where's waldo" style puzzle and put the words and an synoym for each word hidden inside the picture. Circle the words and draw a line to their "like" match.

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