How will I know if I have a job next year?

Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by monniec14, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Feb 16, 2017

    This is my first year teaching and as the end of the year is rapidly approaching, how do I know I will be invited back next year? Are there any signs? My evaluations have been good for the most part. I have been getting three's which is where I need to be, except for last time when I got two two's. I have not gotten in trouble, and the administration has told me everything I'm doing is typical of a first year teacher and that things like executing perfect classroom management and whatnot come with time.

    I have felt so frazzled this year and just feel like I suck at this. I want so badly to come back next year and put to use all that I have learned from this year!!! Any words of wisdom or encouragement?
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    Feb 16, 2017

    Well, apparently you're doing something right! Or else, your admin wouldn't have invited you back for the following year. Or, he would've given you poor marks. Breathe, please. Just work on the areas he recommended you improve upon. View Teaching Channel for live teaching in action. Use a video camera or phone camera, to record and reflect upon your strengths and weaknesses; however, do ask parents/students for consent to record. Research strategies for implementing classroom management and positive reinforcement activities online, right now when you finish reading this thread.
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    There is normally a date by which employees must be told if they are not being asked to return, at least in public school districts. In NJ, it seems to me that it is right around the beginning of April/end of March. Keep in mind that our school years typically go into June, so if you are in a state that normally is out in May, the timing will almost certainly be different. When you will hear in a private school setting is much more variable.
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    If you don't get a notice before school is out, then you should be good.

    Around here is it usually mid May. Other places give them out earlier.

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