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    I taught for elementary school for 4 years - 1 year in a rural high needs school then the next 3 years in an upscale suburban school. My last year was abysmal. The school principal ended up resigning because teachers and parents tried to force her out. Morale was low. We had little support from administration but very high expectations and crazy helicopter parents. About a quarter of the staff left for various reasons. Although I had good reviews and an excellent LOR from my principal, she still chose not to rehire me so I resigned. I said that I was moving home but actually took a job downtown working as an admin in an office. Well after a few months off and some time helping with a girl scout troop, I realized I missed teaching. I was upset by the situation with the principal and not the job. Ironically, the high needs school was a better situation (maybe because I felt like I was making more of a difference?). I'm starting my masters program next month to become a reading specialist and am applying for classroom teaching jobs in the meantime. I'll sub next year if I can't find anything. I just got my first call for an interview but am betting my absence from teaching will come up. How do I address it? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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    You found a job that met your needs better at that specific time (hours, distance, commute, paycheck). Let them ask - don't answer what hasn't been asked, because you may guess wrong about what they really want to know.

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