How bad is it to leave midyear?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by missrebecca, Nov 6, 2015.

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    Apr 16, 2017

    Thank you, I'm a man who probably cried 6 times in my entire life, and now I've cried 6 times in the past 2 days. I feel so lost:/
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    It's a tough job! I am way more introverted that I used to be since teaching high school. I was once considered your normal happy go lucky extrovert. Now I feel like there are some days, even weeks that I have to force to put a smile on my face to look content. People who think it's easy aren't in reality. What's going on Neal? Bad environment, bad students, horrible adminstrators?
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    Whether or not you can leave during the year depends upon the overall health of the profession in your state.

    When I started teaching in Indiana, I was told that you never left during the school year—it "looked bad" and would be nearly impossible to get another teaching position.

    And then, in 2011, state legislators set out to destroy public education and demonize teachers. They were very successful.

    Today, universities report a 50% drop in applications to their teaching programs. Many young people are realizing that teaching in Indiana often involves being overworked under the weight of standardized testing while being underpaid, disrespected, ridiculed, and unsupported.

    Now, it is easy to leave a district at any time during the school year. In a face of a very real teacher shortage, receiving districts won't so much as bat an eye when interviewing a transferring teacher. Districts have become cannibalistic, with strong districts gobbling up qualified staff from districts unable or unwilling to support their teachers.

    What was once taboo has become the norm. It all depends on the availability of teachers, it would seem.
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    Leaving mid-year isn't the end of the world, but you need to give your administrators some heads-up so they can find a long-term sub. You MAY be fined for leaving, but you need to read your handbook to see how your state and district handles leaving before your contract is up. You may be dealing with some license issues, and though you say it's your last year teaching, I think you really want to make sure you've got it as a backup plan in the next few years.

    I hate to ask, but have you considered going to some cognitive behavioral therapy sessions to help you get through the next few months? Are you on medication? Even a low dose of anti-anxiety meds can help, even if you don't take them at school. They have extended release medications that are helpful if you're that stressed.

    I had these feelings MANY times, like I wanted to quit mid year. But I pushed through to finish out the year without a black mark on my resume. You may not be teaching in the future, but you also want to be able to ask your former employers for recommendations. Something to think about.
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