Help with grade 3 classroom management please

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Kaley12, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Nov 11, 2017

    Hi Everyone,
    I recently started a new job in a grade 3 classroom. The class is very challenging class with a lot of behaviours. There are 3 students with Behaviour Plans (they are disruptive, defiant, "runners", will 'blow up' if upset, etc.). There's also a lot of students who are loud and disruptive, making it hard to get through lessons. Some barely touch their work, and get others off task. Transitions are especially hard for them. Their previous teachers from past grades said that they are very challenging and they are sort of "that class" that each teacher struggles with.

    They've mostly had substitutes up until now, and I am hoping that high structure will help curb some of these issues. I'd also like to implement a positive reinforcement system, as well as a consequence system, and was hoping others may have a suggestion. (I've been teaching special ed for the past few years, so this is a bit of change).

    For a reward system, I've used individual sticker charts where students get a reward when they fill their card. For a consequence system, I've used "clip up" systems where students start on green, clip up to yellow for a warning, and clip up to red for a consequence (loss of recess).

    I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions that they've found helpful for this type of group? Also, what would be a motivating reward for this age? For special ed, I would buy trinkets at the dollar store for a treasure chest, which they loved. Not sure if they would still like that at this age?

    Thank you :)
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    I really feel for you and your students. You'll get through this. Their third grade experience has been so disrupted, you might want to add a focus on routine and predictability.

    Right now they need the external motivation of prizes, stickers, and points. But you may want to start a transition to having them feel proud of accomplishments so they can develop more intrinsic motivations. One way to do this is to point out when they make progress and to tell them how that should make them feel.

    Here's an article I shared with my last student teacher who took over a difficult class. Maybe there's something in the article for you.
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    Without any first hand knowledge, I'd say that they are testing you for weaknesses. They've had substitute teachers which are going to be run over, and for good reason. They are mere substitute teachers, thus the students know they won't be around long enough to give them grief.

    Crack down hard on discipline until they understand that you are the one who runs that classroom, and not the students.

    Your idea of structure is a good one, but you might also want to consider separating the worst of the lot and putting them together. From my experience, one bad student negatively effects those around them.

    Put all your rotten eggs into one basket, and watch that basket very carefully.

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