Help passing Praxis 5857 P.e. and Health Education

Discussion in 'P.E. Teachers' started by erickamichelle, Jun 8, 2017.

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    Yesterday I was offered a Middle school physical education position and coaching position. I'm scheduled to take praxis II 5857 on next Friday 6/16. This test determines if I will get the job or not(Pressure). I have been studying for a few weeks( a whole bunch of terms and bought the practice test on the ets website). And would like any advice or tips to help me pass this test or if someone can lead me in the right direction of what I should focus most on. Or if anyone who has taken the test can give me their honest opinion of difficulty for this test. Any information will be helpful.
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    Nov 14, 2017

    I took the test during my undergrad before I had taken most of my content area courses and passed the test with ease. Basic knowledge of P.E. and the human anatomy are what I saw most of on the test but to me the test was fairly simple.

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