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    Hello all! I have been working on my Cbest writing for a long time. English is my second language, therefore I am not confident in my writing. I already took the writing section for three times, my next and last test section will be in May. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and please give me some advice/ suggestion about my writing! :)

    Essay Topic
    Recent educational experiments have included ungraded classrooms which consist of students grouped by level of achievement rather than by age. Imagine that such an ungraded classroom system is suggested for your school. As a parent, write a strong argument to be read at the next meeting of the board of education.

    Education is one of the most important factors in the development of a successful society. For students, the classroom environment has a great impact on their learning and school climate. When it comes to the discussion of classroom system, a host of different opinions are held by different educators in different disciplines. Should we promote ungraded classrooms to group the student by their skills? Admittedly, students might face more challenges when they socialize with different age of peers. However, the multi-age classroom system can benefit students’ learning by promoting a student-lead learning environment with a realistic social scenario and a positive classroom climate.

    As is well known, students are learning at different styles and pace. Differentiation is the top goal for teachers to facilitate students’ learning. When we group the students by their skills, we can maximize the benefit of differentiation. For example, the whole group instruction is always hard to differentiate due to the diverse needs of the students and the time limit. But, when the students are at the same performance level or having similar learning styles, the teacher can design the lesson better to ensure that all students can receive appropriate classroom experiences at their levels.

    Moreover, the heterogeneous mix group can create a realistic environment for students to collaborate and socialize. Because in the real world, you will work with different people all the times. A positive inter-age relationship can strength the entire school community. For example, both older kids and younger kids can be seen as role models in the classroom, they support the growth and development of each other through socialization, assisting with academic work, or teaching skills they have mastered themselves. The classroom provides an opportunity for all students to learn from each other, at times leading, sharing, or serving as role models.

    Furthermore, the ungraded classroom can also develop an appreciation of differences among students. As a matter of fact, base on different cultures and personal experiences, students will hold different points of views. An age-mixed classroom is more like a real-world family model that students are surrounding by older/younger siblings. Throughout the daily interactions, students are learning to understand and show compassion to others.

    In sum, the ungraded classroom system is the best approach for students to achieve and beyond their potentials for both academic learning and socialization. It is not only providing opportunities to prepare students for the real-world scenario, but also empower student as a team player to collaborate and corporate. As a school community, we definitely need to adapt to this classroom system to benefit our students and their families.
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    Take a look in this forum (that you posted in). I see that there are several posters that also requested help to pass their CBEST writing test.

    Many people have reply with suggestions and I saw a book mentioned.

    I too am an ESL learner but I came to the US when I was young so I picked up English quickly. But I have weaknesses in writing so I have to proof read several times. Also wait a day, if possible, but at least a few hours since you last proof read and proof read again. Also proof read from the bottom up, meaning proof read from the last paragraph and last sentence back to the top. This is to help you see what you actually wrote and what you intended to write. This is what I do when I can.

    This is what I remember from my learning how to write an essay.

    Use a five paragraph format. You did this.
    Each paragraph - Have at least five sentences. Topic sentence, three supporting sentences, and conclusion.

    Paragraph 1 - Introduction: Make sure you end with your thesis that will set up for three topic sentences, each topic will become a paragraph.

    Paragraph 2 - Topic sentence 1, at least three supporting sentences, conclusion.

    Paragraph 3 - Topic sentence 2, at least three supporting sentences, conclusion.

    Paragraph 4 - Topic sentence 3, at least three supporting sentences, conclusion.

    Paragraph 5 - Conclusion. Summarize using different words, not the exact same words

    Use connecting words and phrases:
    -first, second, third or firstly, secondly, thirdly
    -in conclusion or in summary (not in sum as you have it in your essay)

    Make sure everything you write is related to the given essay topic.

    When I took my CBEST many years ago, I made my outline in the test booklet and then write on the provided area.

    Just practice and learn from your mistakes in your other attempts.

    Hope this help.

    Best wishes and don't give up
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    The prompt that ziye zhu posted specified that the essay was to be written for the board of education and from the point of view of a parent. I'm not seeing evidence of the parental viewpoint in the essay, however.
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