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    I have two young girls in my classroom that are into sexual adult activities while on their mats. Some weeks ago girl 1 dragged a little boy on top of her while they were on their mats. I was away from lunch and the other teacher was to keep an eye, but when I came back the boy was on top of her rubbing her face. I have now moved her away from the boy in a quiet corner at eye view in the classroom. Then girl 2 has some childhood crush on one little boy in the classroom. She goes into the writing center and write letters to him. I asked her what the letters say and she says I love him and want to kiss him. I think the action is cute, but should kids a the pre-k age be thinking about having crushes and knowing what to do with crushes?
    Girl 1 and Girl 2 are best friends. Whenever I put on kid songs for music and movement they dance like adults. They shake their hips and butts while rubbing onto their chests! Then today, the little boy that girl 2 has a crush was playing with or touching her butt.

    I am almost for certain that girl 1 and girl 2 exhibits these activities from their mothers because I see the awful things that their mothers post on facebook. I have not made their parents aware of this.

    They are extremely advanced pre k children when it comes to different subjects. They are now doing Kindergarten activities. The only problem is that they do sexual stuff.
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    Sounds to me like your assumption is probably right: they're probably getting exposed to more adult-oriented entertainment (tv shows or music) at home. Not to mention that adults start "shipping" their children with others at a young age ("the girls/boys are going to be all over him/her!")

    It only takes one or two to start spreading it to the others, too. Making their parents aware isn't a bad idea, and I'd talk to the counselor as well to see if there's anything else you should be doing.
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    I would talk to the entire class about it.
    Whenever one of our girls talk about having a boyfriend or kissing, we tell them that's for grownups and that kids should just act like kids & have fun & play. We haven't heard the word "boyfriend" or seen anything adult-like in months
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