Have you tried using this for the CSET?

Discussion in 'Multiple Subject Tests' started by Cali86, Nov 7, 2017.

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    Nov 7, 2017

    A few weeks ago while applying to Fresno Pacifics teacher credential program I was talking to the program director and she mentioned some of her students studying for the Multiple Subjects CSET exams using study dot com courses. The students who used it said that they used this website to study for the exams and passed each section on the first try. I had been studying it too but was weary if it was beneficial or not so I never put any serious work into it. I would go on there watch a few videos and find myself rethinking my strategy to defeat the CSET... After hearing this information I got serious about using this tool and completed 23 videos out of 150 for the Multiple subject subtest III course. I tried the Practice test from pearsonvue for this section and scored a 78% on it versus my previous attempts which I had miserably failed. I actually only missed the questions that I had not studied yet and the answers I knew I could complete with little effort. I am shocked so far with how closely alligned this course is to the questions but I was curious to know how many have you have tried this website to study for the CSET and have had successful results? I also wanted to share it with those of you who havent tried it because I think it may help. You can sign up for a free trial for 5 days to try it out. It's $199 a month after that but theres a code i think called refer20 that knocks it down to $152. Anyways I am not affiliated with them but I haven't seen it mentioned on here yet and wanted to see if anyone had the same results.
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    Yes, I've heard of it but it's a little pricey for me. I just need to pass these test. How many times did you take the CSet?

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