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    Being a Guided Reading Wizard

    Do you want to be a guided reading wizard? With over 80 pages, this packet contains activities, lessons, and tools to help you become just that! This packet is perfect for early readers {kinder and 1st grade}.

    This packet includes:
    • Short vowel game
    • Long vowel game
    • Digraph posters {ch, sh, th, wh and a bonus poster for ph}
    • Guided reading lesson plan template
    • Running record sheet
    • Step-by-step planning guide
    • Alphabet review game
    • Word work ideas
    • Sight word games
    • Sound stars
    • Sound munchers
    • One-to-one correspondence ideas
    • Poetry Walk
    • Graphic Organizers
    • Guided Reading Journal
    • Vocabulary book
    • 6 decoding strategy posters

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