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Discussion in 'General Education Archives' started by Mrs.D, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Sep 12, 2005

    I need help!!! I am doing my teacher interning this semester and part of that means that I have to do a bulletin board. My clinical supervisor wants me to do just a general geography bulletin board that he can leave up all year. He teachers 7th grade.....I am NOT artistically inclined and I have no idea what to put. Any ideas????? :thanks:
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    Sep 13, 2005

    1. Get a free map of your state from the tourist board. Cut it out around the borders and pin it up on the board. The board could be covered in most any colour ~ But green or Blue might be best. Mark on the map major places of interest with something of your design (maybe state flags?) ~ the capital, your community, major tourist attractions, where students have visited, etc. Around the map put up current news clippings pertaining to your state. JOin the news clippings to the place on the map it happened with a piece of string or yarn. For the border ~ Cut out newspaper on a diagonal and pin along edges.
    2. Cover the bulletin board with plain white paper (or tinted green). Put a map of the world on the overhead and copy it onto the paper. Once done highlight the edges and put as a caption "Where in the World have you been?" Attach with string a permanent marker and direct students, fellow teachers and even the principal to sign the map at the places they have been. You could even attach pictures of the places you suspect many people have been. (Washington DC, Disney World, London, Paris, Etc.)
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    Sep 13, 2005

    smileyd-good ideas. I can't think up of any bulletin board I would want up all year long. I love the Where In the World Have You Been? bb.
    I have a world poster and USA poster up and am adding postcards from around the world when we get them. We'll attach a string from the postcard to where it's from. The kids, principal, and even our CofC is exited about this.

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