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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by Kandyland, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Jan 10, 2019

    Hello! I've been working at Head Start as a Pre-K classroom aide for 3 years and I absolutely loved my job, the 3-5 year olds and the teacher and assistant I worked with! However. I needed something full time and year round, and I got news that I'll be working as a Pre-K Teacher Assistant at an Early Learning center! Very excited and nervous all at once. My question is are Early learning centers like Head Start, or completely different? Any tips or advice from switching up from aide to assistant? Thank you!
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    Jan 10, 2019

    What’s the difference?
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    Jan 11, 2019 at 8:05 AM

    Where I worked in ECE, the distinction was that teachers/coteachers/teacher assistants had specialized training, and we counted towards ratio. Also, we had diapering training, so we could do that part of the job. Most of us had our CDA or bachelor's degree. We also had aides. They would help with classroom management, passing out materials, clean up, reading one on one to kids, etc. But, they were not licensed for diapering, and did not count toward ratio. They typically floated from room to room. (One aide was licensed, and he made a little more money, and also provided coverage for breaks for teachers.) I'm not sure if that's true everywhere, but that was the distinction in the area where I worked.
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    Head Start is pretty different than normal preschools and daycares.
    They are meant for low income families so they do a lot more activities for parents and try to involve them and educate them more.
    Is your new position at a tuition based school or public school or is it part of a daycare?

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