First day of school with semi-looping

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by gr3teacher, Aug 9, 2018 at 9:06 PM.

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    Aug 9, 2018 at 9:06 PM

    So I'm moving from 5th to 6th, with a group that is moving from 2 classes of 30 to 3 classes of 25. I will be keeping some of my kids, while most of the others will have seen me for math last year. About 5 will be brand new to me. I'm just wondering, for those of you that have done this, how your first day and week looked. On one hand, the students are already going to have a pretty good feel for all my routines and procedures, since I'm not really changing much. On the other hand, there's been a summer in between, and I will still have some students new to me. In your experience, would it be worth treating it as a fresh start and a total new beginning, or can some of the beginning of year rules and expectations building be abbreviated a bit?
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    Aug 9, 2018 at 10:11 PM

    I once heard a good teacher state that the hardest year that this person had was the year that they looped with students and started more lax with procedures because they figured the kids already knew what to do. This teacher said it was a very rough year due to that!

    Even though your students know you, they have been away from school for two months and have had entirely different routines during that time. I'd teach procedures like normal... But you can absolutely still have students model the "right way" to do things to their classmates to show them that their experience matters!
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    Aug 9, 2018 at 10:32 PM

    I looped with 1/2 of my class one year. So, 1/2 knew what was going on and 1/2 didn't. Treat it as a fresh start. I still taught routines and procedures, and my loopers filled in the gaps and helped their peers. I worked really hard at establishing that we are a new community. It's really easy to always say, "Do you remember last year when we did XYZ?" to half the class. But it excludes the new ones. Overall, it went pretty smoothly and we hit the ground running a lot faster.
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    Aug 10, 2018 at 7:16 AM

    I teach mostly sophomores and seniors and some juniors, so when they get to me senior year I've had most of them. Sometimes new kids move in though. I always start with a brief review of my expectations, policies, and procedures. It's a good refresher for them. With younger kids, I would probably spend more time going through everything again just to make sure they remember.
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    Aug 11, 2018 at 6:58 AM

    I am full on looping this year, although I do have a handful of new students joining me. I plan to start the year fresh with all of the same back to school stuff that I would do with a new set of kids. I think the refresher is good for them, plus I’ve opted to change a few things. I also want the new kids to feel included. My recommendation would be to start fresh all over again.
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    Aug 11, 2018 at 3:55 PM

    My rule of thumb is to always start fresh, lay out everything as if they've never heard it before. It will save you headache and frustration later down the road.

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