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    Here is my resume, with specific information about schools and my location removed. I'd appreciate your feedback. I'll revise the cover letter I wrote during my student teaching seminar after this is in its final form and post that here later. It doesn't include the clubs I was in during college because I wanted to fit it on one page. The format on my Word document is more polished than this, but I just copy and pasted to make reviewing it more convenient.


    - Share my passion for science with students of all academic needs as a Biology or General Science 7-12 teacher and motivate student achievement by involving them in hands-on learning activities and real-world problem-solving. Successful teaching methodology is supported by 12/12 score in PDE-430 evaluation by university supervisor.
    - Willing to assist with extracurricular activities.

    University Name City, PA Zip
    Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude May 2012
    Major: Biology Minor: Secondary Education
    Overall G.P.A: 3.5/4.0
    PA Certifications: Instructional I Biology 7-12 6/1/2012
    Instructional I General Science 7-12 12/1/2012


    Student Teacher Spring 2012
    Name of High School City, PA Zip

    - Taught Biology (grade 10) and General Science (grade 9) according to a daily lesson plan
    - Developed test study guides and lab activities
    - Managed student discipline through a classroom management plan
    - Communicated with parents about their children’s academic progress during parent-teacher conferences and after-school meetings
    - Used differentiation of instruction to teach special needs students in inclusive classrooms
    - Involved Promethean ActivInspire flipcharts during lessons that increased student participation
    - Minimized free classroom time through daily Bellringer exercises and journal writing for cross-curricular writing experience

    Practicum Fall 2011
    Name of High School City, PA Zip
    - Tutored Biology students in small groups and assisted with lab activities
    - Taught a Biology test review microlesson


    Therapeutic Staff Support September 2012-present
    Agency Name City, PA Zip
    - Decreased problematic behaviors of behavioral support and autism spectrum students in general education and special education classrooms
    - Observed and recorded problematic behaviors

    Biology Laboratory Teaching Assistant Fall 2009
    Name of University City, PA Zip
    -Assisted students with laboratory activities and graded weekly lab reports.

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