Do you get defensive sometimes?

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by PEteacher07, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Oct 22, 2010

    Sometimes I catch myself being defensive in my words and body language if something pops up with a parent and I am trying to fully understand why and what I can do to make it better. I feel like I do a good job despite having 70-80 kids in my gym with just my teaching assistant and I. We do games and activities that are fun and appropriate. I have a set discipline plan that I stick with the best I can.

    Whenever a parent does come and talk to me I make a concious effort to listen and tell them that I appreciate them coming to speak to me to voice their concerns so at least I have the opportunity to talk to them about it. Some parents don't say anything and then you never even know that there was a problem. (Especially when you have the large classes that we do and can't catch or hear everything.)

    In the past, I feel I have been undermined by my past and current principal b/c parents said things to them and instead of them directing them towards the teacher so I can address a situation, the principal steps in and talks to them about it. I am in a fairly affluent school so sometimes I do feel like he will side with the parents just to keep the peace.

    What are your thoughts? I know I am not alone!
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    Oct 22, 2010

    My situation is the opposite in PE. No gym. No assistant but never more that 30 or 40 kids. We are a Title One school so affluence is
    not our identity. I know of many PET's that meet groups like yours and larger. It is a crime because you cannot watch them all the way you should and it limits what you can do and teach. The way I get in with parents (Ive taught quite a few of them) is to call or contact them early on about the good thing their kids are doing. If I see one on campus and remember a highlight for their kid I pass it on. Yesterday, I called a dad about his 6 yr old daughter to tell him she passed the Pres. Phys Fitness Test. (she actually had his cell memorized). You probably have too many kids to personalize it like I do but your listening is the right way to
    communicate with them. Quiet people sorta unnverve me, also.
    Its like "what are they thinking?" You figure they are po'd or something. I feel your angst.
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    Yes,today the respect shown the teacher and the support of the administration,just is not what it used to be.The principal,unfortunately is more afraid of the parents then the teacher. I teach in an inner city school which is far from affluent and the principal supports the parents over the teachers for fear they might call to report them.
    Just listen,explain your point of view and move on.

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