Do you ever want to just stop caring?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by RussianBlueMommy, Nov 7, 2017.

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    I have had classes where there are some kids who will fight you every inch of the way to avoid you giving them an education. Eventually I will just put them on the backburner so I can concentrate on those who actually want to learn and progress. Any failure of the former kids is down to them, they had more than their fair share of chances to benefit but chose not to. Hopefully then those kids who wanted to learn get the plum college places and those that didn't get whatever is left over.
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    I worked for 9 years in schools. preschool to High school, mostly subbing, even subbing at daycares and special needs preschools.
    MOstly with special education students, all kinds.

    Besides that, I've always taught/tutored at home. Russian, RSL (Russian as second language) English, now I'm teaching Yoga.

    In my 9 years of school + home teaching I've finally arrived at one simple conclusion: I believe when a student is misbehaving it's not his/her fault. There can be 100s of reasons why he does that: tough life at home, rough day, constant stress, bullying, etc.

    I'm not saying we should let our students misbehave. All I'm saying is that I think it's teacher's responsibility to figure out how to set up a
    learning environment so that the student is motivated to learn, not misbehave
    after 9 years of working in schools I realized that schools are not those places where I can see myself teaching and following those principles. I greatly applaud those who can do it under all the modern stress of schools.

    as for me, I said Good-bye to schools. No one regretted it, not me, not schools :)
    it's an interesting coincidance that it happened within a week that this post was started!
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    Regardless of how annoying or difficult my students are, I somehow always care about their success, their education, and their needs.
    I understand that some teachers on here have had negative experiences with teaching. My school district is surprisingly very helpful.
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    There are definitely underlying reasons for kids' misbehavior but those don't absolve them from their choices.
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