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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by NewTeacher05, Jan 24, 2013.

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    Jan 24, 2013

    So I am in a very uncomfortable situation right now....I'm a certified teacher who currently works as a para. I love the teachers I work with and the kids. All my para evaluations from my teachers and our AP has been very positive. However our P is not a very friendly person (especially to the paras), he rarely says "hi" and when other paras ask him questions his responses are very short and come across as rude. I'm a very quiet person in general and I don't seek him out to converse with him because he comes across this way. Well he met with the TAs individually yesterday to talk about our midyear progress and he basically calls me out saying I never say "Hi" to him and I don't make eye contact with him. Again, I am very quiet natured and I don't seek conversation with people who do not appear friendly and never approach me first. I was soo shocked at what he said I just said ok I'll work on it.

    Anyways I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to deal with this? I feel very uncomfortable at work and I basically feel that he hates me (I know I shouldn't take it personal, but he was very personal in the situation, all he needed to say was I feel like you need to work on your interpersonal skills..not chew out my personality!) My only solution is to basically KILL WITH KINDNESS...
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    Unfortunately, you have your solution.

    Especially if you want to get a good reference from your P for your next job.
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    ugh. I don't have the same issue with my principal. we do converse and joke I feel ok about that but I also don't necesarily trust her so I am careful about what I say.
    Last year at my eval she told me I'm not "smiley" enough. It was frustrating! I am in general not a super smiley person. I have always hated my ugly crooked teeth and have never been smiley. BUT I am friendly and caring with the kids I work with! It's hard not to take it personally but I think your right. Just be kind and brush it off, know yourself and that it what matters

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