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Discussion in 'Behavior Management Archives' started by AZKinderTchr, Jul 9, 2006.

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    Jul 9, 2006

    I have heard a lot of teachers talk about using a daily behavior log that has to be signed by the parents each night. I am interested in trying this. My questions are: What is on the form? Is it a checklist or do you make comments on every child's form? Do you ever have problems with the parents signing and is there a consequence to the child for the parent's irresponsibility? When do you find the time to update these logs each day?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Jul 9, 2006

    I use a monthly calendar chart from The Mailbox. Before I copy it I write the dates on and put the class rules on the bottom. I stamp the chart if the student was on green light. If not, I write the number of the broken rule on the date. Parents just initial the date. I also record the date and rule broken with more details in my own files. If a student has serious behavior issued I will send a note or phone the parents. My system was easy for me and only took about 2-3 minutes at the end of the day. The students were responsible for having the chart out when it was time for stamps. I walked around the room and gave out stamps while they wrote in the daily reflection journal. This gave me time to talk with individual students about behavior if necessary. I tried a stoplight behavior chart that students would mark themselves according the the color of the day, but I had to make a new form each week. I went back to the calendar chart because it is good for a month. My students earned lunch with me for having five stamps. If a student did not have their chart they could not earn lunch with me. The students seldom forgot their chart.
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    Jul 11, 2006

    Our LS classroom uses them. They use the 5 classroom rules as the basis, and do a check each hour. If they follow the rules they gain points, if they don't, they lose them.
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    Jul 14, 2006

    I've used a behavior log in the upper grades and for students that have behavioral issues. Normally, I use a notebook to jot down observed behaviors (good and bad) for each student. Try and do it weekly as a goal.
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    Jul 15, 2006

    I only did it for my behavior problems, and I stopped after a while, because it didn't make a darn bit of difference (parent's just didn't care). I teach K, so I broke the day down into 4 time slots and had spaces for each time slot with :) :l and :(. I colored them in accordingly, and wrote notes as needed. For the other kids who only had occasional problems, I had a checksheet that said "____ had difficulty with the following today: (I listed things like listening, sitting still, keeping hands/feet to self, playground rules, etc). These were all signed and returned the next day, or you missed some playtime.

    When I taught behavior/emotionally disabled children (6 7 8) I had a whole sheet that was taped to their desk broken down into different parts of the day, and they earned "points" depending on their behavior. these were important to them then because they had to earn so many days of enough points to earn a class "out" (starting with specials, leading to reg academic classes hopefully). Those were everyday, and they would get a treat at the end of the week if they earned enough points (smaller treats each day..they needed some instant reward).
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    I used behavior slips each day. My system is very simple and easy to maintain. I use two pieces of paper daily. The pages are divided into boxes with the kids names and a graphic. I use a different seasonal graphic for each month. As the day goes by, if the child breaks a rule or has to miss recess, I write exactly what they did in their box. Most of my comments are very brief like talking, running in the hall, hitting another child, etc. If the child has broken a rule and I've written a comment about it on their slip then I put an X on the graphic. At the end of the day, I cut out all the squares and hand them out for the children to put in their tote bags. The slips are sent home with the kids every night.

    I am very clear about behavior slips at Open House. They are also a parent/teacher communication tool. Some parents jot notes to me about bus changes, doctor/dentist appts., etc. on them because they know I will ask to see the slips daily. I expect all slips to be returned the following day whether they get an X out or not. If they return an X out, I date the slip and put it in the child's file. If they don't get an X out, they get a sticker for their behavior chart. They have to be returned the following day in order to get a sticker for their chart. If they bring in 3 signed slips one day, they only get one sticker. This is a responsibility shared by my students, their parents and myself.

    Behavior charts are sticker charts with 5 rows of 5 squares. When a child gets a full row of stickers, they get a piece of candy. When they get a full chart, they visit the treasure box and take their chart to the Principal. He generally gives them Smarties and brags on them for having good behavior.
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    Jul 18, 2006

    My students had to write the color that they ended the day on in their agenda where they had written their homework. In this way parents were signing the agenda anyway. As long as they were on green they could write it in themselves, if they had changed their color I wrote it in (in pen! I learned that lesson quickly) and attached their stop and think note where they had written what had happened. It was a great tool if there was ever an incident that rrequired an office referral as it was clearly documented .

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