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    There was a position that recently opened up in my area. I actually applied for it back in April, but was filled the next day. It is literally my dream job - 7th grade social studies and communication arts.

    Below are my cover letter and my personal statement on WECAN (the site I use in my state to apply for positions). If anyone has any feedback, I would really welcome it. Hoping to submit this later today. Thank you in advance for your help:)

    Cover Letter

    Dear Selection Committee,

    I was excited to see the opening for a 7th grade communication arts/social studies teacher at ******* Middle School on WECAN. I recently finished teaching summer school at ***** Elementary and would love the opportunity to continue working in the ***** School District. Much like the ****** mission statement, I truly believe that all students deserve, and should receive, an equitable education through holding high expectations as well as developing a relationship within the greater community and the community of the classroom.

    My teaching experiences have allowed me the opportunity work with students from diverse backgrounds. During my student teaching at ****** Elementary School, I had the opportunity to work in a SAGE classroom. In the first three weeks, I made a point to have lunch with every student in order to develop a better relationship with them. Those relationships built a sense of trust between the student and me, thus creating a more engaging learning environment. For the last twelve weeks of my student teaching, I taught math using Math Expressions and also spent about four weeks teaching science and social studies lessons. The social studies are a passion of mine and I try to integrate it in all content.

    Technology is also an area I am a huge advocate for and I tried to incorporate the SMART Board with every subject during my student teaching this spring; particularly with math. My students have been more engaged when they have the opportunity to interact with the SMART Board and supplying them with a 21st Century classroom provides them with the skills to be successful in our society. Another way I integrated technology was through the use of Class Dojo, a live-feed behavioral management system website. Students have their own avatar and receive or lose points for positive/negative behaviors. The students really enjoyed it and I felt it helped further enforce the “3 B’s” of PBIS (a program I am very familiar with through my work in ****** Public Schools).

    In addition to my teaching experience, I have a vast amount of experience in communication arts through my undergraduate work in Public Relations Student Society of America as well as being the news editor for a student-led newspaper.

    With the knowledge and experience I have gained in my education courses, field experience and student teaching, I am confident I will make a positive contribution to ******** Middle School. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Personal Statement
    From babysitting, to being a camp counselor, to coaching - working with children has always come naturally to me. I love teaching students something they had never known before and seeing their
    excitement when something they're struggling with finally "clicks".

    Through my courses and field experiences in the education program at ************, I have come to believe in the importance of creating a community of learners. I believe the students and the teacher learn together in the classroom - I can learn just as much from my students as they can learn from me. I also believe in embracing the students' cultures and incorporating that into
    their learning. By creating an authentic environment for students where they can create connections to their lives, they are more apt to understand the material. With that, I also am an advocate of
    integrated subjects, especially integrating the use of technology through all content areas. Teaching social studies and history is passion of mine and I believe it can and should be integrated into all

    What sets me apart from other candidates is that I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. This has been an asset to my teaching experiences. My work in sociology provided me with knowledge concerning how schools, communication and families work beyond what I learned in the education program. Coaching dance
    is another passion of mine and would love to be able to coach at either the middle or high school level in the district I am employed in.

    I know I will be a great teacher and make a difference in my students' lives. Thank you.

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