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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by Koriemo, Jun 9, 2018.

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    I have a second interview on Wednesday, and I won't be surprised if they offer me the job. I'm pretty sure that I want the position, but I'm not totally confident. The thing that makes me most nervous are the large class sizes at this school. I previously taught high school at a private school, and our classes were capped at 20. Most of my classes had 12-16 students. I LOVED these small classes. As an English teacher, this meant that when I assigned essays, I had less than 100 total to grade. If I wanted to conference with students in class, I could devote 2-3 minutes per student and make it through in one class period. I could easily do group work at actually spend time with each group.

    The new school is a middle school position at a large, middle class/upper middle class school. My old school had 300 students total... This has 500 in 8th grade alone. Thankfully, the school is set up into "teams" which makes it more manageable, but classes are capped at 42 students. I can expect to have at least 35 students in each class. I feel like a bit overwhelmed at the idea of having triple the amount of students that I had before.

    I'm a pretty confident educator, and classroom management is a strength of mine. (I'm not an expert, but it comes pretty naturally to me. I taught 6th grade for a year at a "tough" school and while dealing with the administration was tough, the students were mostly fine.) I think my biggest concern with it is grading and managing student work. As an educator, my strengths are in connecting with students and planning lessons. I am creative and enjoy coming up with new unit plans and figuring out what works and what doesn't work. But I tend to struggle with follow through. Don't get me wrong; I do my job... but while I LOVE teaching about how to write essays and coaching students through the editing process, when I end up with a stack of essays on my desk I need to grade and return, I dread doing it.

    Anyways, I'm realizing that I think I DO want this job, I just know that some of the assignments and "work flow" that I've relied on for my classes of 12 students (high school juniors, at that) won't be practical when I'm teaching 42 8th graders. And grading over 200 essays in a weekend... yikes!
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    I've had years when I've had classes of 18-20 students, and I've had years when I had 36 in a class. Either way, I had the same overall number of students. It was just that some years I had three classes and some years four.

    As far as the essays, you don't grade 200 in a weekend. You stagger the due dates for the classes so you aren't ever taking up more than one class of essays at a time. I do this for all kinds of assignments just so I don't have everything to grade every time on big assignments.
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    Yes, i also agree with your point of view. If the class has small number of students i.e. 20-25 than the teacher will effectively deliver his or her lecture to the class plus he or she can easily give time to each and every student of the class.
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    All of my classes will be huge next year, except for one of my higher-level electives, which will have around 20. I expect between 30 and 35 in all of the rest of my classes.
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    When I was a high school aide elective (art and music) classes had around 40 students. Math classes always had less.
    I also had 36 4th graders and 32 1st graders.

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