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    A lot of us use this awesome site, myself included. I didn't start it until after Christmas Break but I plan to use it all next year.

    I reset my points daily. Kids write down their daily score on a parent sheet, alongside their homework assignments.

    I correlated their points to a 'color,' so it looks something like this (I don't have the sheet with me, but this is close:

    -5 or more = red
    -3 to -4 = orange
    -1 to -2 = yellow
    0 = green
    +1 to +2 = blue
    +3 to +4 = purple
    +5 or more = silver

    Next year I'd like to keep the points running all year...or maybe per quarter...or maybe per semester...I don't know!! :dizzy: I'm leaning towards all year. Maybe starting "Dojo Clubs" kids earn their way into, starting at 25 points, 50 points, 75 points, up to ??? points. Kids would earn prizes/certificates for making their way into each club. I'd have a Dojo Wall I'd update each quarter.

    Just wondering what everyone else has tried.

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