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Discussion in 'First Grade' started by OhThePlaces, May 1, 2013.

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    May 1, 2013

    I am currently co-teaching and I'm trying to plan ahead for next year when I'll have my own class. I don't love my co-teacher's center organization. She has a posterboard with centers listed down each side, then each guided reading group has a different colored clip that gets clipped onto their assigned center. We have two center rotations per day, and one of us has to get up and move the clips after the first rotation.

    Next year I will also have two center rotations a day. Guided reading, computers, listening center, buddy reading, response journals, word work, and possibly another guided reading/skills group with my para.

    How do you organize your groups? Do your guided reading groups rotate centers together? If not, what works for you?

    Do you have a chart where you record who goes where, so you can make sure they get to each center within a week?

    Any tips or tricks? Please share! :wub:
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    I use daily 5 and I have my students choose centers. I make a large display and they put up one of the choices. Each student has 1 picture for each choice and a free choice picture if they complete all the centers.

    I do this on my SmartBoard so I use the infinite cloner for the pictures. Works well.
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    I do a version of the Daily 5, without the free choice and adding a computer rotation. I make a table in MS Word, with a row for each guided reading group. Right now, I have 4 groups, so we have 4 rotations/day, so there are 4 columns, labeled 1st - 4th rotation. On each group's row, under each rotation, I have an icon + description of the "center activity." An example would be:

    Group 1st Rotation 2nd Rotation 3rd Rotation 4th Rotation
    Green Computers Teacher Table Word Work Buddy Reading
    Blue Teacher Table Word Work Buddy Reading Computers

    I hope this makes sense! It's hard to simulate on here, lol!
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    May 1, 2013

    My center chart is organized like this exactly, except it is in a pocket chart with laminated cards. The kids know how to read the chart and see what center comes next. I just ring the chime and they clean up and move to the next center. Works like a charm. :) Oh, and I just switch the cards so the centers are in a different order every day or if I switch Read to Self with Read to Someone, etc.

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