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    Does anyone have experience with Build Your Own Curriculum and Guided Reading? It looks like the school I'm interviewing with on Thursday morning uses them. I do not have any firsthand experience, but I would like to know as much as I can about them so that when I am asked, I can say "I do not have any firsthand experience, but I am familiar with how it works and feel confident I would easily be able to implement it".

    I've done research on both, I was just curious if anyone uses either of the two and could provide some firsthand information. Perhaps if you use Guided Reading, what does it look like in your classroom? We learned about it in my methods courses, but the school district all of my experience is in used other methods for literacy.

    I think I would fit in well with the school community and it's a grade I would love to teach, so any advice/help you can provide for me to be as best prepared as possible for this interview would be amazing. Thank you!!
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    I've used Guided Reading. Our whole reading program is Teacher's College Reading Workshop which starts with a 10 minute mini-lesson and then involves students independently reading trying the mini-lesson strategy and during that time the teacher can do individual conferring with students, or pull a group of students for a Guided Reading group lesson

    Guided Reading lesson is where the students in the group are all at the same reading level (Guided Reading uses Fountas & Pinnell reading level letters) so generally in that group you are all working on a book together. Guided Reading group lessons last about 15-20 minutes.

    When the students come to their Guided Reading group lesson, first you do a Pre-Reading to introduce the day's objective (what reading strategy you'll focus on today) and introduce a new book (or remind them where they left off in the book the other day), make predictions, etc. Then there's Reading where you can have them silently read the next chapter or pages X-X. You can have 1 student at a time read aloud to you while the others are reading silently, with younger grades you can have students take turns reading pages out loud as a whole group instead of silently reading, and you can prompt them/stop and ask them questions as they're reading.
    Then there's Post-Reading where you have a discussion about what they read, and then give them a task, maybe have them answer a question in their reading response journals (a higher leveled group can be sent back to their seats to do this) or fill out a worksheet demonstrating their knowledge of the reading strategy applied to the book, or read the next chapter/pages and be ready to discuss the next day.

    So basically Guided Reading is working with small groups based on reading level

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