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    Hello! Throughout my time of lesson planning I have found some useful resources that I would like to pass along.

    Hub Spot:
    • Great resource for marketing topics, concepts, strategies, etc.

    The Edge:
    • Great resource for articles WITH discussion topics to use in the classroom.

    The Hustle:
    • Up-to-date business articles that are quick and easy to read.

    Marketing 101:
    • This site does a great job of introducing new topics in detail but in a way that is understandable. A nice option to learn a new concept.

    Iconic Fox:
    • A site with great marketing insight. Click on the "Insights" tab and see what you find!

    Marketing Made Simple:
    • It's exactly how it sounds...simple. Visit this site to learn about many new topics in a quick and easy-to-read format.
    The Back Office:
    • A site with free resources for both teachers and students.

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