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    I have been working on a brochure to bring to interview with me. Each fold has its own category- philosophy, education and skills, career experience, professional attributes and testimonials from students/parents.

    I wrote only two small paragraphs on each topic, but my boss ( at a learning center) told me I should use bullet points and pictures. I know principals do not have time to read everything that I want to say and I'll only have a few minutes to win them over.

    Do you think that these paragraphs are too long for a principal to read? Do I need something more exciting to catch their eye??

    My teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in my goal for my students to have a love for learning. I want my students to know that learning does not just take place in the confines of the classroom, but also in their daily lives. I believe that students understand material in a deeper way when they are engaged in the learning process

    Working as a substitute teacher in ________ ISD, I learned the importance of proactively managing a classroom. An effective teacher must have a system in place to manage behavioral problems before they arise. I seek to manage my class rather than discipline. My management plan will create a positive learning environment.

    I don't care if you guys tear them up. I just need to know what I can do that is better. I have an interview with an outreach ministry that helps job seekers with resumes and cover letters. They are going to preview my brochure also, but just need a good rough draft to bring.

    Thanks! And if you have any ideas for something that adds more excitement to a brochure, please let me know! I saw a post about info graphs that people are using to add in their brochures. I need some great ideas!!
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    You lost my interest after the first sentence. What you are telling them is that you know the basics that every good teacher knows. What you haven't shown or told them is how you will have a plan that actually is better than every other new teacher.

    Listen to your boss.
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    I agree, make it as short as possible, pictures are great. Instead of a brochure, I made an infographic at People are very impressed with that!

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