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    Jul 21, 2004

    I need your advice, ideas and opinions. What kind of ways do you keep track of the books or how much/many the students read? Like i know a lot of teachers have a chart with their "reading stars". i want to be able to motivate my 3rd graders to read more. what are ways i can have like a book club or a readers club and use a chart to keep track?
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    Jul 21, 2004

    I don't know if this might work, but I had read about a cool idea I am going to try this year where I give each student a dish shaped piece of construction paper to decorate and then hang on a bulliten board. As they finish books, they will recieve pieces to build a banana split. When they finish a split, I will think of something to reward them with, a pencil or somthing, and then they can start over. Hope this helps!
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    If your school offers the Accelerated Reader (AR) program, you could use that as a motivator. You could set up a system in your class for winning prizes after they have earned so many AR points.

    You could also purchase many helpful things from "Really Good Stuff". They have several bookmark sized things that the children use to record the books they have read, if they enjoyed them, etc. They also have some small bookmarks that you hang in your room on rings that the children complete after reading a book. One side has a mini book report and the other is used to draw a cover page for the book based on how the child feels about it.

    Hope this helps.

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