Bathroom Breaks for Teachers

Discussion in 'General Education' started by bella84, Sep 4, 2017.

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    I drink a fair amount of sparkling water throughout the day. I've almost completely cut my caffeine intake (an occasional Diet Coke if I feel like I really need it), because caffeine is a diuretic. I chug water all evening once I get home to make up for what I don't get to drink during the school day.
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    [QUOTE="Danny'sNanny, I've asked a teacher that has a student teacher if one of them can check on me once in a while[/QUOTE]

    Yes, they should check on you, at least once an hour, Danny. It's been many years since I've been pregnant, but I think I use to have "fake urges" to use the potty, but I really didn't have to, it just felt like I did. That can be an uncomfortable problem. Using Depends or just a light napkin might be enough.
    Good luck
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    Their guidelines are just that: Guidelines. Employers can often choose to ignore them, or interpret them in a manner harmful to employees.

    This is more a consequence of NEA weakness than OHSA guidelines.
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    I'm so sorry you can't find someone else who you can trade breaks with. It would be ideal if you had a buddy and you could watch their class, vice versa. I probably go every two hours. I do have four morning classes, but I can go during the passing period. I do have kids coming in and out of my room, but it takes me probably less than a minute. If I had to, I could lock my door and have students wait outside. If I had to really go to the bathroom and couldn't find any adult in the hallway, I would call our secretary for coverage. Are these any teachers on a planning period who could relieve you? Any building subs or paras who might be free. I have grabbed people in the hallway when I had to go in class and couldn't wait. I've also covered for people in the restroom.

    Four plus hours without a break is ridiculous. No female teacher at my school could withstand that as we all seem to drink a lot of water:) When I subbed, I did limit my water because I didn't really know what my schedule would be.

    This is an extreme solution, but if you cannot find someone to give you breaks, you can take a pill. From a web search: "Medications, such as anticholinergics, can control overactive bladder (OAB) by relaxing bladder muscles. OAB drugs, which are most common in tablet form, also help prevent urine leaks by controlling bladderspasms." A relative who is a MD gave them to all of my female relatives on a long vacation. We've taken them on trips and they helped a lot during a traffic jam. Without the pills, my aunt seems to go to the br, every twenty minutes. (No, she was never a teacher!) I would assume that any doctor would say that you should go more often to avoid bladder infections. I would really consider discussing this with my principal/union.

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