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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Pi-R-Squared, Sep 9, 2018.

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    I seek advice on trying to find the balance of good classroom teaching AND being involved in my students’ extracurricular events. I don’t want my teaching to suffer because I’m more concerned about school clubs and athletics but I also want to be more involved in other stuff besides teaching. So I agreed to be part of three extracurricular activities. One of them (small club), I’m the sponsor, the 2nd I’m part of a team, and the 3rd being an assistant coach. I know that if my teaching suffers because of this, it would look bad. How do teachers maintain their good teaching in the classroom and keep up with the extracurriculars?
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    This is a great question. I'm glad you posted this and I'm in your shoes too. To be honest, unfortunately we really can't and I think our principals understand this. That's why many football coaches get away with doing less in their classes because they put some much time in after school, unless they teach a much lighter load. They stay for all games, get everything ready for games, when can they grade or come up with lesson plans? We are human and go only put in so much. I teach math full time and run student council with another teacher. I can see why so many teachers don't want to do it. You have to buy things after school or on weekend with the district card, set up meeting times, sometimes even emergency meetings. Even though I love it, it takes a lot of time. I think schools should hire coaches/ big club sponsors like student council separately. Also, I would say next year that you can't do as many things to your P and be honest about it. It would also be good to have teachers trade and take turns doing after school events. It's not right to just say "well I have a family" or I have this after school so I can't do anything after school this year. Each teacher should be required to do something after school so not a handful of the teachers are doing everything. I feel for you pi r squared and hope next year or even this year you get some of this taken away. Everybody deserves the time off after school and I get tired when "just a handful do most of things". I think paras and first year teachers should be exempt but everyone else should help that is a teacher/principal/dean in the building.
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    Its a tough gig to balance work, extra work, and play!! The biggest things I'm involved in is theater and being a faculty advisor to the senior class. With theater, it's M-Thu with a few limited weekends (performances and things). But then we take a break after the fall play until the spring/late winter when we start the second one. Which that month break or so it's absolutely amazing. See I plan ahead (I mean that's just me), so I know what our second play will be and I start gathering props and stuff for both at the same time.

    The seniors is kind of an off and on thing. There's a lot of stuff we do throughout the year – fundraisers and things – and there's a lot of time spent helping with college applications and things like that. But it's not like it's a regular every Friday thing. It comes in spurts.

    I think the trick is to find clubs that you really believe in and really enjoy doing. For instance I'd be miserable sponsering the French club. I was miserable taking French in high school – possibly due to a poor teacher, I mean really, she was awful – but I can't imagine I'd enjoy the activity today.

    I try to go to what sporting events I can that are home games, I've been known to go to marching band competitions. I do that because I want to support my students and I do genuinely enjoy that aspect. But at the same time if I don't make it, I don't make it. There's no fowl.

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