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Discussion in 'Elementary Education Archives' started by tracieteaches, Aug 17, 2005.

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    Aug 17, 2005

    Hi! I really need some help here. I am teaching 4th grade inclusion and the teacher I am co-teaching with has graciously agreed to let me help her design and decorate the room. We actually have a display window complete with a floor to decorate with a back-to-school theme. I have a lot of ideas for how to do a flat bulletin board but am lacking when it comes to 3D opportunities! I was thinking of taping up copies of a coloring sheet of a light bulb with each student's name on it and putting up real Christmas lights to plug in around the light bulb name cards with slogan--"Fourth Grade--Where Bright Ideas Abound!" However, the teacher just emailed me back asking what will we put on the floor????? I have no clue. Any cheap ideas?
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    How about some interesting table lamps?

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