AR levels VS FP, lexile or A-Z levels?

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Mrs_B, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Jul 3, 2008

    I am on my own in creating a guided reading program, no one at my school does this. The only assessment tool I have is the STAR test (related to AR) in the computer lab. No DRA, Fountas and Pinnell, etc :( Anyone happen to know how to correlate AR level to FP, Lexile or Reading A-Z? For instance, if I decide to spend the $80 on ReadingA-Z, I would have to give the STAR test and then try to figure out which benchmark test to give them. I guess take the Independent reading level and add .2?? I HATE guessing!! Maybe if there is no correlation chart you could give me your impression of how the STAR test results seemed to compare? I noticed book levels seem to vary greatly between AR and the other systems..
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    There is a correlation chart on Reading A-Z... I'm not familiar with AR, we use Fountas & Pinnell, and they use their own separate lettering system... So I used the correlation chart quite a bit... but then it looks like there is no AR column there...

    I'm not sure if you can get this link without a membership, but you can give it a try:

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