Anyone here gotten a second Master's Degree?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by gr3teacher, Mar 18, 2017.

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    I'm considering the possibility of joining a cohort towards a Title I Math specialist program. The course load would be reasonable... it's only one course a semester and two every summer. It wouldn't advance me on the salary scale at all... I'm already at MA+30, which is the highest scale my district offers other than the PhD scale... but if I got a math specialist position in the district, I'd be an 11 month employee, not 10 month, and would get a 10% pay raise. I'd also get 50% reimbursement for all courses I took through a Title I program, in addition to a partial repayment my district offers to any teachers taking graduate level courses, so paying for the program wouldn't be a problem. Actually, since I'd have half-time student status for at least part of the program, it would give me a little temporary relief from student loans from my first Master's. I'd be committing myself to work in a Title I school for six years, but that's not a deal-breaker since I already work for a Title I school and definitely wouldn't mind staying here for several more years.

    I guess my question is... if you completed a second Master's Degree, did you find the second one any easier since you already had some of the research skills, and general idea of what being a Master's student entailed? I know the workload itself isn't any easier, but did you find it more manageable because you knew what you were doing already?
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    Yes I'm currently in a second master's degree program for literacy specialist. It 'easier' in the fact that none of the work is cognitively demanding; it's just time consuming and in my opinion, a lot of it is useless (cough cough). And it helps that I'm just a sub because I can schedule work around major projects. Most everything is due in April so I plan on reducing the number of days I can work to get it done. There are FT teachers in my classrooms who seem very stressed out and many don't know how they'll complete the program, if at all. It's doable, but A LOT of work especially the more classes you take. One classmate is enrolled in 18 credits, does an internship in the school AND works a full - time job. Yikes!

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