Anyone been through a state audit before?

Discussion in 'Special Education' started by karebear76, Aug 12, 2011.

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    I didn't say they had to come in between 8-4, just that they had to come to school. I think it's completely ridiculous to expect a team to hold a meeting at an outside home-especially considering safety and legal issues. I would just never even think of doing that. Like I said, if the parent absolutely can't come in (which really, I can't think of a single reason why, if they're completely incapacitated or something, then who takes care of the child?) then we do a phone conference. If the parent needs to meet outside of business hours for extreme circumstances, we'll meet them in the evening. Our conferences are at night so it's not that unusual for the teachers anyway. We give parents 3 months notice of exactly when the meeting is. That's plenty of time to find a sub for work, switch shifts, make sure that time is okay, etc. No one is able to work 24/7, so taking an hour out with 3 months notice is not a big deal. They can also let us know at that time if that day absolutely does not work for them (like if they know they always work on that day) and we'll switch it. Almost all of our parents bring younger kids into the meetings. We provide toys/activities for the little kids while we're having the meetings. We're very accommodating...but you have to draw the line somewhere. At some point, the parent needs to take some responsibility. I had one parent that attempted to reschedule a meeting with me 13 times last year. He kept calling in 20 minutes before the meeting time to tell me he wasn't coming in. We ended up having to hold the meeting without him to meet the timeline guidelines, but I told him he could come meet with me and we'd go over the IEP, and write an amendment if there was something he wanted to change. I was canceling my lessons to meet with this guy when he wanted- and he literally tried to reschedule 13 times. You have to say enough is enough- I have teaching responsibilities to worry about also. Finally, on that last phone call I told him I wasn't able to reschedule but would quickly review the main points over the phone if he wanted, and I'd send the documents home for him to look over and call back if he saw a problem. He was okay with that.
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    I agree that most parents are able to make arrangements, particularly with notice. Burned in my memory, though, is the fact that one of our parents lost his job after taking time off to come to a meeting that the school insisted he attend. I was, and still am, devastated by that. I know it's an extreme case, but one that has me very sensitive about this issue.
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    Our district always provides a letter to parents if they request one (and we do OFFER it when we know they've taken off work/switched their schedule) that they can take back to their employer... it basically says they were attending a required meeting at their child's school, and to call us if there are any problems.

    Reasonable employers understand families, most of the time, and are pretty willing to let people work something out if they have enough notice. Not saying there aren't UNreasonable employers, and I feel really bad for people that have to deal with them.

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