Any LAUSD Empoyees Here? Question

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by 36912, Aug 26, 2017.

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    I recently applied for a job in the adult ed. division ( ran a bit differently from the k-12 division). I got the offer around 2 weeks ago and accepted it. The secretary from the school sent me the contract via email to scan and return to her (I live hours away). I did that and then she told me to wait for HR to contact me for a processing appointment (basically where you get fingerprinted, turn in the TB results, and turn in your medical clearance). HR emailed me yesterday at the end of the day telling me the documents I needed to fill out along with a number to call when I have everything so that I can make my appointment. Immediately after that email, I got an email titled "Recall: Teacher Processing" with no message in the body. I'm extremely nervous about that email. Naturally I didn't see either email until this morning and they won't be back in their office to Monday of course. Does that mean the offer is no longer available to me? This is causing great anxiety for me for a few reasons...
    1. I live out of town and have to give my 30 day move out notice or renew my lease by this Tuesday...
    2. Yesterday (yeah bad timing....this is the kind of luck I normally have...) my last employer in my city (we just had massive layoffs due to budget issues) offered me a job to start this Monday (1st day of school). I declined the offer (I didn't say I received an offer elsewhere) due to it being only a .5 position which is 2.5 days!!
    3. Around 8 years ago I was a teacher there and had a horrible relationship with the principal I had. He got promoted naturally and works in the district office... Around 3 years ago I applied for a position back in LAUSD in a different division (not adult ed). I had all my paperwork filled out, had an interview in the department, all of that went well. I then had to go in for the appointment where you just give them your transcript and then tell you if you are missing anything, and then if anything is fine, they then give you paperwork for your medical clearance, TB test, and the number to call once you have all that done so you could get fingerprinted. A few days after that appointment, I was given an email which said that I didn't meet the qualifications for the position... This wasn't true as I met all the qualifications when they listed the qualifications you had before applying. I asked them to specify where I was lacking but they said that they cannot release that information. There might be something bad about me in my personnel file...I'm not sure and haven't looked yet (but will should this offer end up revoked).

    What exactly does the email I just received mean???? I'm really having a hard time getting through the weekend..... =/
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