Age factor in getting hired in Oregon

Discussion in 'General Education' started by teachersteve, Mar 7, 2017.

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    My answer then would be not very. Different states have different requirements, but every district I've encountered has expected teachers to be eligible for a certificate before hire. Maybe Oregon has some sort of a short-term provisional certificate? Since you've been teaching overseas, do you have a teaching certificate issued from a different locale? There may be options for reciprocity. You also might have luck if you talked to district HR departments. Schools who receive Title I funding couldn't hire you without being eligible for a certificate, but other schools have more leeway.
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    Hi gr3teacher, sorry for delay, I didn't see your reply on this page. I don't have a teaching cert from any locale. I only have my BA , TESOL cert and course work done for a teachers credential. I am hoping that they can give me the "alternative route" waiver where you can work while you complete the license. I am contacting HR departments of various districts explaining my situation and asking if I can be considered a possible candidate to see if they are willing to give the waiver. I am also going to apply at private schools and hope I can get in there if the public schools wont give the waiver. If you have any other advice I would appreciate it. I wish I knew how desperate they may be for male elementary teachers where they will do this waiver thing. No way to know other than contacting them I guess. I am worried most districts will just say go and fill out the online app which is very tedious which I want to avoid if I am not even a viable candidate because of my circumstances. I want a yes or no answer to avoid wasting my time but you can't really say that in the inquiry email unfortunately. I sent my first one today to the HR head and am eager to see if they will give me a straight honest answer..

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