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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by littlepearl, Aug 10, 2018.

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    My family and I live in a really bad area and are hoping to make a major move (we said this last year, too). We know in a general area where we'd like to be (totally different state). I have been applying in that state and the current state where we are living. We would like to move as soon as we can get the money and sell our home .. that may be a few months.

    Currently, I am on unemployment (I was a long term sub last year for the entire year and was not hired...the teacher came back) and working part-time.
    I am eligible to get the unemployment until November. At this point, it does not look like I'll get a teaching job in my current state that I live in.

    So... should I continue to look in my current state or start looking in the state we want to move in? How does one navigate this. I know where I want to go will have jobs but I have no idea where to live. Can I be certified in two states? Do I continue to collect unemployment and not take a teaching job if we know we will be moving? I am so confused!

    I 'll post separately about the area we are looking in.

    Thank you!
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    Yes, you can be licensed in two states and your best shot at getting a job in the new state is to get their license and have it in hand when you're applying. This will show districts not only that you can teach in that state with no potential issues once you move, but also that you're very committed to actually move to that state.

    If you're not moving for a few months, I wouldn't apply in the new state yet (although definitely work on getting their license in the meantime), since it doesn't seem that you're prepared to start a job there right away, unless it's feasible for you to move by yourself first and then have the rest of your family follow when your old house is sold.

    I got a job in a new state across the country right after college. I moved within 2 weeks of receiving the offer. In your case, it sounds like your best bet would be to get the license and everything in order now, and hit the ground running asap for job hunting season next spring. Around here, some districts will start posting as early as February. Best case scenario, you get a job with enough time to sell the old house and move over the summer. If you're in a financial situation to sub for awhile when you get to the new state, you could always move first and hope to get a full time job later, but if you're planning on buying right away, you'll be more limited as to which districts you can apply to due to commute.
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