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    So I will be taking the Multiple Subject CSET this Friday.
    I have spent the last month and a half studying for subtest 1 and 3.
    I bought the Cliffnotes 4th edition book, and have done the reading as well as highlighting and explaining main topics and terms out loud so that I know them. I have done the practice exams as well as the questions I got wrong I studied thoroughly to figure out what I missed or why I got them wrong.

    I have also taken the practice tests on the teachers test prep site, and have scored 85% on subtest 3 and 90% on subtest 1.

    I have take the practice tests on the ctc website as well and got roughly the same percent as above.
    I am now going through all the practice exams on study dot com and getting decent on those though I do think some of those chapters are a little too thorough.

    Does anyone think I have a decent chance passing? Are the questions on the CSET similar to the ones in the book or the practice tests online?

    Most importantly, does anyone have any specific tips or topics for me to refresh on?
    I was thinking to maybe look over the American Revolution and some CA history and then maybe the Renaissance periods and baroque and classical as well as grammar and possibly poetry terms?

    Unfortunately there's just sooo much ground to cover and there will only be 26 questions on each topic so it's really hard to figure out which ones usually are more important than others.
    Everyone keeps telling me that I will do just fine, yet I am so scared and worried.

    I need to pass at least 2 of them to keep my spot in a teaching residency program I have been accepted into.

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