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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by Corbin, Jan 9, 2018.

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    So, as you can see from the thread title, I'm a second year teacher. I'm teaching 12th grade English in the inner city, and I honestly cannot stand it. I love English, and I loved teaching high school English in the counties. However, I feel trapped in this city school system, where I feel forced to lower all of my standards in the classroom. In the counties, I had more creative liberty with my assessments and lessons. However, I feel so constricted in this city. To top it off, I get disrespected so often, that I have lost count. I have a handful of students that have been actually respectful and well-behaved. The stress and anxiety have gotten so bad that it is destroying my sleep schedule.

    I applied last year to other school districts; however, by the time other schools contacted me for interviews, my contract with my school district automatically renewed. I want to apply to other school districts this year, but I'm scared of quitting the job I already have and risking not getting hired for the next school year. I'm really not sure what to do. Any advice or encouragement would be beyond appreciated.
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    I'm sorry you're in this situation. I've been there. Do your best to leave school every day and forget about it. Force yourself to exercise, read, watch TV at night. Keep your mind busy with non-school related things. Recycle your plans and don't spend all of your time planning, especially when it may not be making any significant impact on the students. I've had many days that students receive better information from a quick note-taking session than doing a lab that I spent 2 hours preparing.

    Only you know how your district job-search and timing needs to go, but if you have to resign from one district to take a chance on another, I would go for it. In my state it seems to happen fairly regularly. You may just have to take the plunge and tell them up front that you won't be returning.
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    In my experience, the city schools will have positions that don't get filled before summer ends. I worked in a low income city school for 5yrs. It was my coworkers that really helped me through the it. It was really hard at first and learning how to respond was even more difficult. I actually hated leaving at the end, but got a job at a 7% free/reduced school that both my son's attended and was next to my house. I will say it was shocking to have students stay after each class to say thank you for teaching them.

    Bottom line if you aren't happy, leave. Don't let that safety net thing scare you. Every year we have jobs go unfilled in our county. I'm outside D.C. in order to be considered for a different county, you can't sign a contract with your current county. It may be unnerving at first but if you truly are struggling, your mental/emotional well being is more important than the certainty of more of the same at your current job.

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